Ofsted Approved

Here at Ashbourne Day Nurseries, we offer Ofsted approved childcare in all of our nurseries across Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Essex.

Find more details below of the Ofsted standard awarded to the nurseries within the Ashbourne Day Nurseries group.

What quality childcare looks like

We have a commitment to our professionalism and the quality of the childcare that we provide.

We continually undergo training to ensure that our professionals develop their quality childcare offering.

We believe that babies and children will benefit from childcare if it is of a high quality.

Internal quality audits

We ensure that all our nurseries undergo regular internal quality audits.

These visits ensure that everything within our nursery settings is running smoothly and if any issues arise, these are dealt with swiftly.

We also ensure that our nursery teams are all aiming to achieve a standard of being 100% paediatric first aid trained. Currently 90% of our nurseries are achieving this standard.

What to look for

As a parent or carer, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing high-quality childcare that makes you comfortable and where your child can learn and grow.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a childcare setting for your child:

  • Health and Safety
  • Staff interactions with children
  • Curriculum
  • Qualifications

What makes us great

  • Regular inspections are carried out
  • Internal quality audits take place
  • Employee’s regularly undergo training and development
  • Each child is assigned a key person who will understand their individual learning and development needs
  • We provide safe, hygienic environments
  • We provide quality resources
  • There are a variety of opportunities for play and learning (inside and out)
  • We provide structured days for the children in our care
  • Our nursery settings are organised and well managed
  • We provide nutritious food
  • We form a partnership with families, so they are fully involved and consulted in their children’s care

School Readiness

Within all our pre-school’s at Ashbourne Day Nurseries, we offer a school readiness programme and we deliver the Government Framework that supports the early years foundation stage. This is the same curriculum used within school settings for all children before they start Key Stage 1.

Every one of our exciting and stimulating nurseries follows the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum guidelines. Our school readiness programme supports all areas of development for children especially those within our pre-school to get these learners school-ready. 

Every child within our pre-schools are assigned a key person who will monitor their individual progress and plan key learning opportunities to support their development. This enables them to build the confidence and skills they need as they move on to school.

Did you know?

  • Enrolling your child within a nursery or pre-school instead of a pre-school attached to a school will not effect your child’s chances of getting a place at the school. The Local Authority will use the catchment area information for each area of the school and not the pre-school the child attended.
  • Our nurseries provide the same education and learning opportunities as those offered in pre-schools attached to schools. The Government has a Framework that supports the Early Years Foundation stage which is what all pre-schools must follow. This is the same curriculum used within school settings for all children before they start their reception year

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