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Our employees are our biggest asset, and we support and invest in everyone who works for us to help them develop. We offer our employees the ability to undertake training courses to gain more qualifications.
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Ashbourne Day Nurseries is a great place to work and we are continually growing with lots of opportunities for workplace development. 

We believe that working with us is more than a nursery job, it’s a career. 

Through our workplace development we give everyone who works for Ashbourne Day Nurseries lots of opportunities to learn and grow.

Below you can find information on some of the Early Years courses we offer for workplace development in our nurseries. 

NCFE CACHE Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator)

Employees currently undertaking this course: 11

This qualification is for the more experienced practitioner.

The aim of this course is to prepare our nursery teams to become Early Years Educators, enabling them to work with children from birth to 5 years old. 

This course is offered once employees have passed their probation. 

NCFE Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Management and Leadership

Employees currently undertaking this course: 9

This course is offered to members of our nursery team who are in a management and leadership roles; Managers, Deputies and Third in Charge.

This qualification aims to:

  • Provide learners with the skills they need to operate as a
    successful manager
  • Confirm the competence of those already fulfilling a senior managerial role
  • Allows learners to develop skills in a range of areas relevant to senior managerial roles, such as business process, strategic
    change and risk management.
Other courses we offer
  • NCFE CACHE Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services (England) (Children and Young People’s Advanced Practice). This is aimed at Room Leaders and Managers, Deputies and Third in Charge.
  • NCFE CACHE Level 2 Diploma for the Early Years Practitioner. This is aimed at those who are new to working with children. Once this qualification is completed, employees will progress to the Level 3 award. This course is offered once employees have passed their probation.